1/2 OZ

This rose salve is a multipurpose salve that can be used anywhere on the body. Use this salve for chapped, dry skin. It can be used as a lip balm, on dry elbows, or even on your cuticles to soften them. It is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. This fits perfectly in your bag to take it wherever you go.

This was made with organic roses handpicked locally and soaked in organic olive oil. It was made with a solar infusion method rather than over the stove to really preserve the integrity of the ingredients. There is a very slight, sheer shimmer to this salve. It looks beautiful in the light, but wont make your skin glitter, it is very subtle. There are also small garnet and rhodochrosite crystals at the bottom of the salve. Once you use it up you can save it to place on your altar or add to a bracelet or necklace.

This salve has a light, refreshing scent of geranium roses. It was made with organic geranium essential oil to give off a gentle smell that isn't overpowering or obnoxious.


GARNET || Brings serenity and passion where it is needed. It inspires love and devotion. It balances sex drive and stimulates the rise of kundalini energy and aids with sexual potency. (ooo la la) Garnet activates other crystals and amplifies their effect. It opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence. It re-energizes and purifies the blood and heart.

RHODOCHROSITE || represents selfless love and compassion. An excellent stone for the heart and relationships. Improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress. Encourages a positive attitude and spontaneous expression of feelings including passionate and erotic urges.

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