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Turn your bathtub into a bath fit for a cosmic priestess. Enjoy a long, hot soak while emptying your thoughts. Be cleansed by the healing magic of pink himalayan salts before a ritual or just to soothe your sore body. Heal your mind and body while enjoying a soak with this pink bath salt soak!

Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest forms of salt on the planet. It is full of minerals, balances electrolytes, helps your body absorb nutrients, eliminates toxins helps relax muscles and helps improve blood circulation. There are so many therapeutic benefits to using salt in your bath!

This gorgeous pink salt is enhanced with red rose petals, and pink rose buds. An true olfactory experience, like you are swimming in a sea of roses.

|| Ingredients || Pink Himalayan Salt, rosa centifolia (red rose petals), rosa damascena  (pink rose buds)                   

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