Looking Forward

Dear Past, thank you for your lessons, Dear Future, bring it on.

You know you are on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back. With a renewed sense of vision and energy, my drive to make things happen...actually made things happen! 2015 has brought much welcome change and an abundance of amazing opportunities, all of which have lead to a more courageous and passionate lease on life! 

My incredible career opportunity working as Creative Director for Maison de Papillon, a luxury collection of women's wear in NYC provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience. Just as I was contemplating a move back to Texas, I was approached with the job opportunity and accepted it on the spot! NYC was going to be home a while longer and I loved every bit of that! It's funny how some of the best decisions you make, you never dreamed of even having the opportunity to in the first place! And my decision to collaborate with and learn from the Maison de Papillon team is most definitely one of my best yet! The team behind the brand taught me not only about the creative design process, but also the kind of tenacity and work ethic it takes to turn ambitious ideas into thriving reality. Those women are super stars and I owe so much of the personal growth that I've achieved to them.

After embracing New York City for what felt like the perfect amount of time, I followed my intuition and moved back home to Texas. This journey has lead to all sorts of exciting moments, accomplishments and adventures for me. It's amazing how just a small shift in perspective, confidence and focus can invite the most brilliant possibilities into your universe. Austin is home and it feels parallel to the current vibe of my life. 

This life/work experience leads to my current status: in flight from Austin back to NYC to embark on my own boutique & jewelry design venture. As I reflect upon the last two years of my life, one thing is for sure- "in this world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself." Accomplishing dreams is part of the journey in achieving fulfillment. Launching REVERIE and designing my own jewelry had always been a dream that seemed intimidating. But, in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take and great things never come from comfort zones, right? So...here we go with fingers crossed and mind open! 

As an ode to the shift in direction my career has taken, I decided to start my new website's first blog post off with a few inspirational quotes that never fail to motivate and elevate me. Enjoy!




About Devan

I am Devan McClelland, a creative entrepreneur, jewelry designer & founder of REVERIE. I launched this blog to share my musings on the art of living. My passion is to elevate the everyday with effortless style in the overlapping worlds of décor, entertaining, fashion, and wellness. I am endlessly inspired by the world around me and driven by the positive influences that create a fulfilled life. I believe conscientiousness is chic and transcending the ordinary is always in.




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